Award-Winning Patented Processing Method


The key to the nutritional superiority of BARLEYGREEN® is the result of organic farming methods and technical know-how used to transform organic barley grass juice into a concentrated, stable powder.

Find out below how it is processed to retain its rich nutrients.

Step 1

Grown from the patented Akashinriki seed barley grass is sown in rich organic soil and allowed to grow up to 18 inches before harvest.

Step 2

Immediately after harvest, fresh barley grass is off-loaded and processing begins.

Step 3

Barley grass is washed using pure filtered water only.

Step 4

Using a screw-press machine, the washed barley grass is squeezed for its juice. Barley grass juice is filtered away from any remaining fibers.

Step 5

Nutrient rich juice with live enzymes, ready to be made into powder.

Step 6

Low temperature evaporator concentrates the barley juice.

Step 7

State of the art dry-spray machine uses extremely low temperatures to create fine powder – retaining all essential nutrients and live enzymes.

Step 8

Rigid tests are preformed throughout these 8 steps ensuring quality. The entire process from harvest to bottled product takes 4 hours to prevent oxidization and ensuring freshness.

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