barley grass malaysia

Barley Grass Malaysia

Are you searching for barley grass Malaysia? Wheatgrass and barley grass are frequently dried and retailed in powder or tablet form because the leaves are difficult to consume. As a generic advice to people, tablets have lesser nutrients as compared to the one in powders form per dose, and wheatgrass supplies generally has more vitamins and minerals as compared to barley grass. In fact, both offer chlorophyll and vits A, C and K. But, if you are taking anticoagulant capsule, you must seek your doctor advice before taking either supplement.


barley grass malaysia


While barley grass and wheatgrass naturally have a range of vitamins and minerals, industrial prepared powders usually have inconstant amounts of nutrients. You’ll have to match labels because the difference between brands is significant.


Wellbeing values of barley grass include support from ulcerative colitis, prevention and treatment of cancer, consolidation of immune system, cleaning and detoxification of the body, shield from radioactivity and cellular damage, power to fight craving and stop regenerate impaired cells and tissues. It preserves healthy skin, acid-alkali balance, provides good bone metabolism, and encourages liveliness and exercises revitalizing effects on the whole body.


Barley is super food that is rich with multi-nutrients. That includes vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B6, folate, vitamin C, E and K. It contains an richness of electrolytes such as magnesium, phosphorous and potassium along with other vital minerals such as zinc, iron and calcium. Barley grass also provides great antioxidants and needed amino acids and helpful enzymes. Barley grass gives body needed fiber to help people digestion yet it does not bring any harmful cholesterol.


Barley Grass Powder Malaysia

Here are the details about the barley grass powder Malaysia. Barley grass powder is a dried product of the juice, which freshly extracted from the organic barley grass. It is a cereal that has preserved a respected source of nutrition since ancient times. Barley grass powder creates a vibrant and colourful add-on to drinks, shakes, juices and protein drinks. It usually used to enhance all of our beloved uncooked food recipes and foods – just a small amount offers a pleasingly full flavor to any plate of food.


Barley grass powder is packed with valuable nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre and the chlorophyll that gives it such a stunning dark green shade.


Between all the herbs on earth, barley grass is a complete food concentrate that is near to its physical state supplying the nutrients we needed in a usual daily amount. It has the broadest ranges of inherently happening nutrients available in a only one source with vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, live enzymes, chlorophyll etc. in a flawless combination.


It has all that our body wants in a form that is certainly digested, absorbed and adapted for improving bodily roles. In add-on, barley grass that broadly has known to nutritionists as a sovereign of alkaline foods help restore acid-alkaline balance in the body and revitalize our body cells, progress stamina and lift up energy. Research in Japan and other nations recommend that barley grass powder can be helpful in asthma, obesity, skin rebuilding, anemia, arthritis, gastritis, peptic ulcers, diabetes, cellular damage from x-rays, heart disease and hepatitis.


Barley Grass Juice Malaysia

Looking for barley juice Malaysia? Here are the article that you should read. Barley Grass leaves are tremendously alkaline, so eating them can assist retain the body’s alkaline and acidity ratio balanced. Our body cells cannot be at optimal functioning state if the pH range (which measures alkaline and acidity) is not in an appropriate narrow range. Many processed foods are acidic, and when we eat too much of them, the body pH range is upset. This may end in possible exhaustion.


Lately study has revealed a abundance of other possibilities of Barley Grass benefits. Extracted mixtures have confirmed to have hypercholesteromic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ulcer abilities. A new antioxidant, 2″”-0-GIV, has been insulated and testified to have antioxidant properties same as or superior to vitamin E. Lastly, studies have revealed that when Barley Grass juice is injected to damage cells, the cells’ DNA repair themselves faster. This may help to avoiding the changes that frequently lead to cancer, fast aging, and cell death.”


Top 4 Difference Between Barley Green And Ordinary Wheat Grass

Here is the list of difference between Barley Green and ordinary wheat grass. Barley grass and wheat grass are absolute fantastic superfood packed with natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Research showed that Barley grass has 10 times more calcium, 30 times more Vitamin C, 6 times more β-Carotene, 17 times more potassium than spinach. Barley grass juice has anti-viral activities and neutralizes heavy metals such as mercury in the blood. One of the famous of Barley grass brand is the “Barley Green” from Wellness Concept. It is unique because Barley Green powder contains 20 times more concentration from than the juice of organic young barley grass. It provides the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll and alkaline needed for body detox and strengthening of the immune system. Barley grass is always more powerful than ordinary wheat grass due to the top 4 reasons below:  


Top 4 Difference Between Barleygreen And Wheat Grass

Here are the top 4 difference between barleygreen and wheat grass. Barley grass is always more powerful than ordinary wheat grass due to the top 5 reasons stated below:


1. Unique Patented Processing Method

A patented processing method using low controlled temperatures, and the unique spray dry technique specially designed to keep the enzymes active and nutrients intact in Barleygreen. This unique process makes in Barleygreen easily assimilated and utilized by the cells of the human body. However, wheatgrass is usually planted in a drip pan while such a “wet” or humid environment is almost impossible for young barley grass to be grown. This is one major reason why Barleygreen possesses higher nutritional values compared to wheatgrass.


2. High levels of enzyme in Barleygreen

Barleygreen contains more than 300 types of live enzymes that help to drive all human activities such as digestion, metabolism and slow down the aging process. These powerful enzymes cannot be found in wheat grass.


3. Powerful antioxidants

Barleygreen contains two powerful antioxidants 2-O-GIV and P4D1. The 2’’-O-GIV in Barleygreen is 500 times more potent than Vitamin E. Both 2-O-GIV and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) helps to fight the devastating effects of free radicals, while P4D1 promotes the restoration of damaged DNA in the cell’s nucleus. The level of antioxidants in Barleygreen is higher than wheatgrass.


4. Body Acid Neutralizer  

Our body’s alkaline and acid pH balance, can affect your overall well-being. The 3 main factors that lead to body acidosis are stressful lifestyle, insufficient sleep and diet with high in acid such as coffee, red meat and sea food. However, the good news is that we can always neutralize body acidity by consuming alkaline food choices. By comparing between Barleygreen and wheatgrass, Barleygreen is more effective to neutralize your pH level because the pH level of Barleygreen is 7.7 whereas the pH level of wheatgrass is only 5.8.


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