Saysoo Rajan Suppiah

Fought through severe uric acid issues and high blood pressure in the past several years!


Several years ago, since 1995, I developed severe uric acid issues where I had to rely on taking painkillers. Wherever I went, I had to keep my painkillers for standby. Due to working on shifts my sleep pattern was disrupted contributing to sleep disorder. Some years later I joined the pharmaceutical industry as a sales person. The hectic work schedule contributed further to my uric acid issues. I then moved on to work in the banking industry, call centre base; the workload started to affect my sleeping time and meal time which resulted to getting high blood pressure. Moreover I started to have bowel problem as well as gaining weight.


I was then introduced to Wellness Concept in 2013 where I started to take “Flax-1000”. During the 1st and 2nd month of consuming Flax-1000 (while also controlling my diet), I noticed that my uric acid attacks had started to diminished. I practiced this for more than one year. To ease my bowel problems, I have taken “Fibergreen” which significantly helped with my bowel movements. Additionally I have been taking “BarleyGreen” which has helped with detoxing; it also helps with reducing my appetite as well.


I have now stopped being dependent on pain-killers as well as uric-acid control drugs ever since consuming “Flax-1000”. These supplements that I have been taking have contributed to my weight issue as well. Within the past one and a half years, I have lost almost 10 kilos; 89kg reduced to 79.4kg. Yes, one and half years, slowly but gradually….. Thank you Wellness Concept.

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