I have suffered from Asthma, Thalassemia (Blood Disorder) and anemia since my childhood are! After taking Wellness Juicing consistently for just one year, my overall health and physical stamina was improved tremendously. I am very happy that I am now free from my asthmatic medications and ventolin puffers. Now, I became slimmer and started looking healthier.


I started taking Wellness Juice during my fourth month of pregnancy until my youngest son Dylan was born. I have noticed that Dylan was different from other kids. He has a better skin structure and apart from that he could easily recover from mosquito bites. He has better lmmune system and does not fall sick easily. He is more energetic, able to crawl and walk faster. In order to maintain optimum health of Dylan, I continue feeding him with BarleyGreen & Beta Carrot after six months old.

La Belle Napkins Testimony

The Korean Technology used to make La Belle is new to me. I love that the pads keep me dry and feeling fresh all day. The absorption is great! My pads never feel soggy and it’s odourless! Its slim packaging is convenient for me to carry around especially to work, compared to traditional bulky ones.


I had an anxiety disorder since I worked under over-stress condition. From that day onward, my health condition declined gradually. I faced hormone imbalance, suffered from high blood pressure, and poor immune system. After taking Wellness BarleyGreen, my health problems improved remarkably.

Amazingly, I lost 15 pounds in one month, and 50 pounds in total within six months. The most important thing is that I look younger than before. Last but not least, I would like to express my heartfelt thank to my up-line, Agnes Tan for introducing me such a great product.


I was diagnosed with multiple cycts and womb problems since my twenties. When I start taking BarleyGreen, FiberGreen and Nutrigrain Plus I experienced good result even from the 1st week. My energy level was improved and my constipation problem was solved. Six months later, my doctor confirmed that my womb and uterus condition became normal. The CAT scan shows that all the growth in my uterus and womb have disappeared.


In 2005, I went through Angioplasty with five blocked arteries. From the blood report, I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetic. On August 2008, I had colon cancer (2nd stage). After drinking Wellness organic juice for a week, the tumour shrank to a size of a mole before the operation. Even my medical check up is clean! I am healed from cancer and even diabetic, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are all gone.

Now I’m helping others by introducing the Wellness Juicing and regain their confidence to a healthier lifestyle.


Majority of our BarleyGreen lovers are also pet lovers. They share their passion in BarleyGreen with their lovely pets by substituting their daily whole food supplement with BarleyGreen. BarleyGreen helps to strengthen their immune system.


Brain Tumor caused my blindness. After 3 months of continuous consuming of Wellness Juicing Program (BarleyGreen, Beta Carrot & Beta Beet), my eyes can see a little bit but not really clear. I really appreciate that Wellness have such good products especially Beta Carrot which helps me a lot.


She took a lot of BarleyGreen during her chemotherapy treatment, her health and appetite gradually have improved. 2 months later her hair has regrown. She became healthier and happier now.


I have three kids aged 5, 3, and one and a half year old. My two sons had poor body constitution, and are prone to get cold or fever always. My elder son has sensitive skin, his whole body itches during hot climate, and they tend to hurt themselves due to scratching all over the body. They have to take enema solution (laxative) for better bowel movement. In the beginning of the year, my son’s teacher introduced Wellness Concepts BarleyGreen to me. Three days after taking Wellness Concept BarleyGreen, my sons’ constipation has improved. After couple months of taking BarleyGreen, my sons’ bowel movement became smoother; his skin condition and body constitution has been improved.


I consumed Wellness Organic Juice during my pregnancy. Wellness Organic Juice contains organic Beta Beet which is rich in folic acid and iron. It does not only help me to maintain and strengthen my physique but also helps my baby’s health and growth. The doctor suggested to reinforce provisions of folic acid before and during pregnancy, because folic acid can prevent birth defect risk, and helps my baby’s cerebrum developement. During confinement period, I drank Wellness Organic Juice for a healthier recovery process. I can feel my skin and body condition became much better than prior.


I have been searching for an ideal supplement for detoxification. I saw the products of Wellness Concept from an advertisement, and I found that Wellness products were really different from other brands (which are in tablet forms). Wellness Liver Detox Program perfectly met my requirements.

Before taking Wellness products, I was suffering from persistent constipation for years. Furthermore, I have severe problem of hemorrhoid and blood stool after giving birth. Since I began taking Wellness organic juicing and Probio+Plus (twice a day), my health problems have greatly improved. When I suffered from fever, Probio+Plus was the only supplement I took to help me alleviate the problem. Apart from myself, my entire family members are taking Probio+Plus and BarleyGreen Premium. Thanks to Wellness Concept.


The pain of my left heel spur had been plaguing me for a couple of years. After confirming by an x-ray, the doctor just recommended surgery to remove the spur. I really didn’t want to undergo the surgery if there were any other options. Fortunately, one of my husband’s friend introduced BarleyGreen to me. I began taking one serving (5 caplets) every morning and night. After a short period of time, the pain in my left heel was diminished and now I do not face the pain anymore without undergoing surgery. Nowadays, I am able to walk in long distance. I had a severe constipation since young (once a week). After taking BarleyGreen, my constipation problem has improved significantly (once everyday).


Sebelum saya menemui La Belle tuala wanita mesra alam, saya sering merasa sakit yang amat sangat (sengugut) ketika datang Haid, merasa cepat marah (PMS), rasa gatal dan tidak selesa di bahagian intim. Kini semenjak saya menggunakan La Belle saya merasa sangat selesa, nyaman dan dingin ketika kedatangan Haid, tiada lagi masalah PMS, rasa gatal dan yang paling utama rasa sakit(sengugut) semakin berkurangan. Kuasa serapan yang sangat baik juga membantu mengurangkan penggunaan tuala wanita, kini saya dapat menjimatkan perbelanjaan peribadi. La Belle adalah pilihan yang tepat untuk wanita masa kini.


My uric acid was severe and not feeling well often. Until one day, I could not walk using my left legs, and then only I went to the doctor for treatment. Even after taking medicine from the doctor, there was no improvement. Fortunatelly, I found this Wellness Juicing. Three days after taking juicing, my body’s problem had been improved, but my left leg was still painful. My sponsor, Agnes Tan told me that this is the sign of improvement. Ten days later, I can walk slowly. After going through this wonderful personal experience through Wellness Juicing, I have more confidence in Wellness Juicing and even for my health. For me, I will insist in taking Wellness Juicing and would certainly introduce it to my friends. Long live, Wellness Juicing.


Saya selalu berasa sakit dan tidak selesa ketika datang Haid, tetapi segalanya berubah bila saya mula menggunakan La Belle tuala wanita mesra alam. Saya merasa selesa dan nyaman walaupun pada hari kemuncak, tiada lagi rasa gatal dan tidak selesa di bahagian intim. Dulu saya sering berasa letih dan lesu selepas kedatangan haid, kini tiada lagi saya merasa lebih bertenaga dan ceria.


At July of year 2001, I was aware of Wellness Organic Juicing through my sponsor, Tan Yin Yin. I have a 10 years old daughter and 5 years old son.

Their body’s immunity was quite weak, ease to catch cold, coughing, and sometimes fever too. Every time they fall sick, they need treatment from the doctor, and even the doctor reminded me, my son might suffer from asthma if he doesn’t get good care. Since my children take Wellness Juicing and Probio+Plus, they are getting healthier, and neither did they visit the doctor nor take any medicine. I like Wellness product more and more, it’s great! I want to spread this good news to everyone I know, so that they will be more healthy.


Before taking Wellness organic juicing, I had some health problems including floaters (small spots found in the field of vision), backache, shoulder tightness, headache, pre and post menstrual, and often suffer from urethra inflammation. There is a small pox like granule on the inner part of my right thigh during premenstrual. It was itchy and painful, and it took two to three weeks to heal with medication. After taking Wellness organic juicing for one month, my health problems have greatly improved and completely recovered. Besides, I noticed that my face became smooth and radiant. I am thankful to my sister and Wellness Concept for introducing me such a great product. God Bless!


I have lost 15kg within 3 months, my pimples, gastric and constipation problems have reduced.


Consuming Wellness Juicing not only improves my cholesterol problem, but also reduced my weight. I even look younger and prettier!


Before taking Wellness Organic Juice, he was short-sighted (300++ degree) and had astigmatism (200++ degree). He began consuming organic juice twice a day (morning and night). Amazingly, his eyesight restored back to normal and he can see without glasses after consuming the juice for three months.

B2B referral Program

1.Why I join Wellness Concept

I joined Wellness Concept because I see the potential in the products it offers and future expansion. Hence I want to be part of the team to provide prospects to the company.

2.What I have learned working in Wellness Concept?

I have learnt a wide range of products and its benefits to the society. I have also learn about how the Wellness Concept reward its business partners for every collaboration.

3.What have I achieved?

As I am still new to this industry, I would like to say that I have achieved some financial gain and persuading the management to tap into the retail outlets to sell by volumes.

4.What is my next mission?

My next mission is to expand into the other South East Asia regions starting with Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.


I had heart attack twice during 2008. The first time occurred when I was walking upstairs at the office and thank god I recovered. The second attack was the worst one. I had been attack from 4.00am early morning till 2.00pm in the afternoon. Then I have been sent to Putrajaya Hospital when the attack became severe. I was admitted and after being discharged, I was given a 42 days leave (MC). Although I was on MC, I did go to work and my boss recommended me Wellness Concept BarleyGreen. First, I just tried it without knowing much about the content of this product. After consuming BarleyGreen, I felt the difference and my health condition were improved remarkably. Thanks to BarleyGreen and I’m felt more energetic and no more tired. Surely I will recommend this product to everyone and to make sure everyone get the benefit as I gained from the product.

Fought through severe uric acid issues and high blood pressure

Several years ago, since 1995, I developed severe uric acid issues where I had to rely on taking painkillers. Wherever I went, I had to keep my painkillers for standby. Due to working on shifts my sleep pattern was disrupted contributing to sleep disorder. Some years later I joined the pharmaceutical industry as a sales person. The hectic work schedule contributed further to my uric acid issues.  I then moved on to work in the banking industry, call centre base; the workload started to affect my sleeping time and meal time which resulted to getting high blood pressure. Moreover I started to have bowel problem as well as gaining weight.

I was then introduced to Wellness Concept in 2013 where I started to take “Flax-1000”. During the 1st and 2nd month of consuming Flax-1000 (while also controlling my diet), I noticed that my uric acid attacks had started to diminished. I practiced this for more than one year. To ease my bowel problems, I have taken “Fibergreen” which significantly helped with my bowel movements. Additionally I have been taking “BarleyGreen” which has helped with detoxing; it also helps with reducing my appetite as well.

I have now stopped being dependent on pain-killers as well as uric-acid control drugs ever since consuming “Flax-1000”. These supplements that I have been taking have contributed to my weight issue as well. Within the past one and a half years, I have lost almost 10 kilos; 89kg reduced to 79.4kg. Yes, one and half years, slowly but gradually….. Thank you Wellness Concept.

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